Sweet Drinking Water for Everyone


Water-Kiosk is making sweet (drinking) water from nearly any water source. Without external electricity.

With our German engineering partner, we install, operate and maintain affordable solar water desalination and water treatment plants for off-grid communities around Africa.

The systems are entirely manufactured in Germany.
Designed to perform under the harshest climate conditions in the remotest parts of the world.

The patented plant solutions provide from 1,000 liters up to 30,000 liters of clean drinking water per hour. In the process, 99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) are removed from the intake contaminated resources and delivers drinking water free from organic and inorganic contamination, bacteria and viruses.

With a solar powered water treatment plant we make:

  • Drinking water
  • Irrigation water
  • Aqua Farming water
  • Sanitation water
Water treatment desalination plant solar powered by Water-Kiosk
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We make sweet drinking water, irrigation water and sanitation water from:

  • Sea water
  • Brackish water
  • Polluted water
  • River/Lake water
Water treatment plant by Water-Kiosk

Using nothing but the sun
as only source of power.


We have simplified a technology that was always considered complex. Now a plumber with a wrench and a screwdriver can do most of the maintenance.


We designed for low-income communities with all their needs and requirements. This has enabled us to reduce the cost of access to drinking water by 90%.


By creating a truly robust off-grid solution powered by solar energy, there is no longer a need for expensive battery banks or a smelly diesel generator.

Key To Resilience Against Climate Change Impacts?

Sweet Drinking Water, Irrigation Water and Elictricity Supply For Farmers and Villagers.

What else will your community get with Water-Kiosk?

Electricity / WIFI

As an ideal island solution our systems are modern and at the same time simple. Perfect solutions for off-grid communities struggling with their supply of water and electricity.

24/7 Service

Thought through mixture of remote monitoring/management and local representation of technical teams assures communities that they are not left alone. Our eyes and ears stay with our clients wherever they are.

Creating jobs

We are creating 3 permanent jobs and 10 value added jobs in each water treatment plant and Water-Kiosk project.

Solar Powered Water Treatment & Desalination Plants

Water Desalination Plant Solar Powered by Water-Kiosk


Our solution, a solar powered desalination plant, is capable of treating any type of seawater and brackish water resources. The technology has been tested for salinity up to 30,000 PPM in the Red Sea. The simple design and affordable cost make it an ideal solution for any type of water supply, both for villages and urban communities. The modular format of our plants makes it possible for larger projects to benefit from a range of such solutions to achieve the required volume. Each module produces between 1,000 and 30,000 liters per hour.

Wastewater treatment plant solar powered by Water-Kiosk.org

Waste water​

Industrial wastewater, such as from garment factories, mining, biogas plants and others, contain large amounts of hazardous minerals and heavy metals in their effluent. Our solar powered wastewater treatment plant treats their wastewater for reuse or safe release into the environment. Without impacting the electricity consumption of these companies.​

Hospital wastewater treatment plant solar powered by Water-Kiosk.org


Our most advanced hospital solution is a tailored version of a solar powered water desalination system, manufactured specifically for disinfection of both reservoir and wastewater of hospitals infection departments.
While the machine is treating general pollutions, the add-on of the hospital version is having a ozone disinfection for both reservoir and wastewater of infection departments, making sure no bacteria and viruses remain in the outflow.

Aqua farming basin - AddOn to water treatment plant by Water-Kiosk.org

Fish farming​

As seen for farming purposes, the same facility handles the water supply and management of a number of aquaponics fish farms, which are connected to and controlled by the facility’s main control unit.
Affordable, high-protein fish meals in the midst of rural villages where malnutrition is widespread is another important contribution our technology can make to disadvantaged communities. Combined providing the water plant and its farming add-on the basis for a healthy community through food security in the most vulnerable parts of the world.​

Water-Kiosk Academy


Academy is equipped to train basic introduction in concept of reverse osmosis and water treatment, modern farming (vertical irrigation and fish farming), person relations and interpersonal skills, renewable solar energy and pumps, machine practicals and occupational safety (theory and practical).
The Water-Kiosk Academy is mandated with capacity and competency development. It offers certificate programs through the training conducted in both technical and soft skills.

vertical farming AddOn to water treatment plant by Water-Kiosk.org


While drinking water empowers people to live, it is irrigation for agriculture that allows disadvantaged communities to thrive. This is where we step in with an add-on to our equipment. Using sensor technologies, we control a drip irrigation network connected to the machine. The soil’s nutrient properties are measured. A series of tanks containing water-soluble fertilizers and automatic dispensers release fertilizer into the irrigation water stream as needed.​

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